ANK Ethereum Token address – 0xaa4ab1c817e4df7d25ce4d42352649d592a3bba0-ETH

  • Quick, easy and low-cost onboarding
  • ICO liquidations – for low charge/no charge
  • Virtual ATM service (currently only for small transactions)
  • First rate customer support
  • More services coming soon


ANK OTC provides a full Over-The-Counter securities exchange for its clients.

  • Fiat-to-crypto
  • Crypto-to-fiat
  • Bitcoin futures

ANK OTC is an outgrowth of the Ankorus project, creator of the ANK token. The token was used in a crowdfunding event at the end of 2017. Proceeds were returned to contributors as a gesture of good will, while an institutional partnership was forged. The formal announcement of this partnership is imminent.


Become a Broker

Vacancies are available to become a cryptocurrency broker (CB) with ANK OTC. Contact us to apply.

  • CB must hold a minimum of 100,000 ANK tokens
  • CB sets the commission fee (ranging between 5-10%) for the customers they refer
  • CB receives 25% of the commission fee
  • CB retains customers, without ever needing to surrender them to ANK OTC



Contact ANK OTC by emailing